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Koh Chang “the hidden jewel, the last paradise” is the most beautiful, green, mountainous and nature surrounded island situated in Trat Province in eastern Thailand. Rich in fertile virgin rainforests, untrekked jungles, high peaks, breath-taking waterfalls, well laden with colourful corals reefs, abundantly stocked with healthy marine lives, encompassed by spectacular coastlines, gorgeous landscape, pristine white beaches and crystal clear blue sea makes you feel to be a part in the middle of nature.

Koh Chang is the second largest island in Thailand and has been awarded “National Park Status” due to pristine rain forest and marine life. Up to 80% of the Island is Marine National Park and protected by law under the jurisdiction of the Forest Department of Thailand. In this way the natural resources and the real Nature of this beautiful island will stay for ever and it explains how it remains a virtual virgin wonderland shielded from devastation and vigorous development - here the mistakes by architecture like in Phuket ore Samui will not happen.

Koh Chang is a paradise for those who appreciate nature at its basic more than the sophisticated luxury of modernity. On the other hand you find a good choice of accommodation and entertainment that ranges from basic to real luxury ensure.
Restaurants & Bars - Massage, Saunas & Spas – shopping - activities as diving, snorkeling, boat trips, jungle-trekking, sailing.
As well as Health & medical Facilities, International Bangkok Hospital Koh Chang, Trat Hospital Koh Chang, clinics and dental clinics for a high grade medical care.

Thus qualifies Koh Chang as the park of a dream escape, a true hideaway, far away from the big city-life. In fact it is easy to reach by the new Trat airport in 45 Minutes from Bangkok 3 times a day, by car 300 km from east of Bangkok.