NATURE ZONE The Edge Village @ EEC Eastern Seaboard Thailand

Located at Koh Chang, Bang Bao, on a 30 meter high Cliffside, well protected from any Tsunami, in the middle of Nature, we created our village “The Edge Village”.
The planning and architecture of “The Edge Village” based on the natural rules and the impressing Nature of the Island Koh Chang. We keep all natural resources, natural landscapes, trees and plants for the very special architecture of the whole community.

Only 20 of our Luxury Residence Villas will be placed in this unique Nature Zone Village surrounded by old trees, various plants, flowers and free living animals.
We decided to build in a European modern style and choose materials to compose a unit between villas, village and surrounding nature.
Our Residence Villas consists of two buildings each, connected by small walkways to enjoy the nature feeling every step you do. Together with your own private outdoor Spa and Wellness area, you are in touch with nature all the time.

We created common areas, Parks and our “Club House” which is located directly at Cliffside. Our private Cliffside is 30 meter high over sea level with a spectacular view and a beautiful sun set every day. You can enjoy the famous view from our big swimming pool or you can go down on our private walkway for swimming, snorkeling and fishing directly in the deep blue sea water.

This absolute spectacular 30 meter high Cliffside let us create the name of the village – “The Edge Village”


Lay-out Plan

Fully gated Community - Our Village Planning includes a maximum of security and protection for the villas and the whole village. The 30 meter high Cliffside guarantees safety from any Tsunami. The 24 hour security house at the entrance and our safety-walls on each side of the Village makes the whole community and special every villa untouchable and nearly 100% protected.

Pictures/Impressions The Edge Village


The Edge Village - Gated Community - Contruction Specification

Our Village is constructed with best Quality Materials to International and Authority standards.
All steps of Construction controlled by our self and our Engineers and Architects.
In the current stage one Show Villa and the attached fully Infrastructure is placed (except of the club house).

Village Facilities

Exclusive Village Entrance.
Exclusive Village Landscaping.
Concrete Roads to all areas of the Village.
Private Bay including Cliff-Site Facilities and Sun-Decks.
Several Parks, Water Features.
Club House: 2 story directly at Cliff Site, Infinity Pool, Sun Terrace, Lounge, Bar,
Sauna, Fitness-Room, Game-Room and additional Guest Rooms.

Village Security

24 hour Security Building at the Entrance of the Village.
3  meter high Security Walls around the whole Project.
The village is 100% protected und fully gated.
Village Electric System

High Voltage Power supply, Transformer 650 KW, Electric Station House incl. MDB Underground 3 Phase Electric Lines with DB Stations along the whole Project.
Underground Telephone and Internet Lines along the whole project.
Street Lighting System around the whole Village.
Village Water System

Water supply from Domestic Deep Wells stored in Central Water storage Tanks.
Underground PE-Pipes deliver the water to all areas.
Village Drainage System around the whole Project.